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Honggang petrochemical 1.5 million tons of PTA projects vacuum system, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd. glyphosate vacuum system, Huntsman '240000 tons of PO project vacuum system, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group longfeng hall project vacuum system to Chinese traditional medicine extraction, shandong unilever phenol propanol project vacuum system, jiang seuss state petrochemical alcohol Quito co-generation project vacuum system... A vacuum system for several large projects.


The vacuum system of our company is efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and anti-corrosion. The problem of corrosion resistance and efficiency is solved by many users in harsh working conditions. Because the dry vacuum pump product achieves zero emission and pollution-free, it is the best choice for users to meet the environmental requirements. The innovative design of high efficiency and energy saving can greatly reduce users' energy consumption and reduce the production cost of process industry.

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