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2017-08-01 issued the guidelines on strengthening green development of the Yangtze river economic belt industry


Recently, the ministry of industry, the national development and reform commission, a department, the ministry of finance, environmental protection and other five departments jointly issued by the "on strengthening the Yangtze river economic belt industrial green development of guidance" (ministry of coupling [2017] no. 178), in order to implement the major strategic deployment of the CPC central committee and state council on the Yangtze river economic belt development, protect the ecological environment in Yangtze river basin, further improve the efficiency of industrial energy utilization of resources, promoting green manufacturing, reduce the influence of industrial development on the ecological environment, and realize green growth.

①general requirements

In-depth study the party's 18 large and 18 sixth plenary session of 3, 4, 5, spirit, carry out new development idea, implement the party central committee and state council on the Yangtze river economic belt development strategy, according to xi jinping, general secretary of the total catch big protection, don't make big development ", insist on the supply side structural reforms, ecological priority, green development, insist on full implementation of made in China, 2025, to advance the green industry development planning (2016-2020) ", closely around to improve the regional ecological environment quality requirements, to carry out the responsibility of local government, strengthen the industrial layout optimization and structure adjustment, with enterprises as the main body, implement the most stringent environmental protection, water consumption, energy consumption, safety and quality standards, strengthen technological innovation and policy support, to speed up the upgrade from traditional manufacturing industry and constantly improve the level of resources, energy efficiency and cleaner production, leading the green development of the Yangtze river economic belt industry.

By 2020, the Yangtze river economic belt green manufacturing level improved significantly, the industrial structure and layout more reasonable, traditional manufacturing energy consumption, water consumption and pollutant emissions intensity decreased significantly, the clean production level to further improve, green manufacturing system preliminary established. Compared with 2015, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size unit energy consumption fell 18%, key industries main pollutant emissions intensity fell by 20%, unit value added of industry water consumption by 25%, the key industry cycle efficiency improved significantly. We completed key projects for the relocation of hazardous chemicals in the Yangtze river economic belt. A batch of key generic green manufacturing technology to realize industrialization application, build and cultivate 500 green demonstration plant, 50 green demonstration garden, promotion of more than 5000 species of green products, green manufacturing industry output value reached 5 trillion yuan.

②.Optimize the industrial layout

(1) improving industrial layout planning. To carry out the main body function area planning, in strict accordance with the Yangtze river basin, regional resources and environment carrying capacity, strengthen classified guidance, determine the industrial development direction and development strength, build outstanding features, dislocation development, complement each other into a new pattern of industrial development. We will implement a negative list of market access for the development of the Yangtze river economic belt industry, and clearly prohibit and restrict the development of industries, production processes and product catalogs. Strictly control along the petroleum processing, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacture, chemical fiber, non-ferrous metal, printing and dyeing, papermaking and so on environment risk, further clarify the region's new project of heavy to safety protection distance along the Yangtze river shoreline, reasonable layout of production equipment and storage of dangerous chemicals and other facilities.

(2) upgrading and upgrading of industrial parks. Strictly along the Yangtze river industrial park project environment access, the perfect park water treatment infrastructure construction, strengthen the environmental regulatory system and risk control, to strengthen the construction of safety in production foundation ability and the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation. Rectify the existing chemical industrial park, more in paper making, electroplating, food, printing and dyeing and other wading class park circulating fluidized transformation efforts, for the park is not in conformity with the specification requirements to upgrade or exit in accordance with the law, realize the park green low carbon development cycles. We will comprehensively promote the concentration of new industrial enterprises in the park, strengthen the planning and management of the park, carry out planning eia work in accordance with the law, and carry out follow-up evaluations in due course. Rein heavy chemical enterprise environmental risk, the key to carry out chemical industrial park and involving hazardous chemicals function areas of significant risk, quantitative risk assessment to determine regional risk level and risk capacity, the chemical enterprise zones and the surrounding soil and groundwater monitoring and assessment on a regular basis. We will promote the management of leather, electroplating, printing and dyeing enterprises into the park, and build a professional and clean green park. We will cultivate, create and upgrade a number of new industrial demonstration bases in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and promote the development of the park's norms and improve its quality and efficiency.

Standardize industrial intensive development. To promote the orderly relocation of existing steel, non-ferrous metals, papermaking, printing and dyeing, electroplating, chemical raw materials, chemical raw materials and other polluting enterprises in the urban areas along the Yangtze river. The promotion of safe and sanitary protection distances in urban areas shall not meet the relevant requirements and the implementation of the relocation or closure of the hazardous chemicals production enterprises which are not in line with the plan. By 2020, 47 hazardous chemicals relocation and renovation projects will be completed. The new project shall comply with the requirements of national regulations and related specifications, and the enterprise investment management, land supply, energy conservation assessment and environmental impact assessment shall be carried out in accordance with the law. We will implement the strictest standards on energy consumption and environmental protection, and strengthen standardized management in key industries.

(4) to guide trans-regional industrial transfer. We will encourage innovative work methods in the provinces and cities along the Yangtze river, strengthen the constraints of ecological environment, and establish a cross-regional mechanism for industrial transfer coordination. We will give full play to the role of the national independent innovation demonstration zone and the radiation drive of the high-tech zone in the country, innovate regional industrial cooperation models, and enhance the capacity of regional innovation and development. We will strengthen the supervision, guidance and coordination of trans-regional transfer of industries, and strive to promote the construction of a unified market and achieve sound interactions between upstream and downstream areas. We will give full play to the role of the national industrial transfer information service platform and improve the communication channels for industrial transfer information. Earnestly implement the Yangtze river economic belt industrial relocation guide, relying on the national and provincial development zone, the construction industry development axis along the river, the reasonable development of coastal industry development belt, focus on building the Yangtze river delta, Yangtze river, chongqing, guizhou and yunnan medium five urban agglomeration industry development, vigorously foster high-end equipment industry, electronic information industry, the automotive industry, household appliances industry and textile and garment industry five world-class industry cluster, form a reasonable spatial layout, regional division of labor cooperation, complementary advantages of new pattern of industrial development.

(5) to strictly control trans-regional transfer projects. For paper making, coking, nitrogen fertilizer, non-ferrous metal, printing and dyeing, chemical API manufacturing, tanning, pesticide, electroplating inter-regional transfer of industry such as strict supervision, to undertake the registration or approval of the project, to implement the most stringent environmental protection, energy consumption, water consumption, security, land and other standards. It is forbidden to transfer the backward production capacity and the projects that do not meet the national industrial policy to the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze river.

③.Adjust the industrial structure

(6) to eliminate backward and eliminate excess capacity according to law. Combined with the Yangtze river economic belt of the ecological environment protection requirements and industry development situation, according to the laws and regulations and environmental protection, quality, safety and energy efficiency standards, comprehensive close down backward production facilities, dissolve excess capacity. It is forbidden to iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, shipbuilding and other industry capacity, serious overcapacity may not approval, any way, for the record the name of any new capacity, project completes the displacement, reducing make room for new industry development space. Strictly control the production scale of phosphate fertilizer in upper reaches of the Yangtze river. The "land and steel" has been reignited. Intensify national major industry supervision, emphasis on energy-intensive industries such as steel and cement consumption quota standards implementation, ladder electricity price implementation to carry out the annual special inspection, to reach the standard implementation of the rectification within a time limit, accelerate the ineffective and inefficient production capacity out as soon as possible.

(7) accelerate the technological transformation of heavy chemical enterprises. Full implementation of the national petrochemical, steel, non-ferrous metals industry "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, technical reform should be utilized to promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, to speed up the heavy chemical enterprise production process, existing facilities along the river (equipment), should be higher than the industry standard of the national average, achieve the leading level. To promote energy saving, water saving, clean production new technology, new technology, new equipment, new materials, petrochemical, steel, non-ferrous, rare earth, factory equipment, dangerous chemicals and other key industries intelligence, digital workshop, digital mines and wisdom park transformation, promote green industry, intelligent level, make the enterprise technology of heavy equipment and management level go along the river in the national front row, leading the industry development.

(8) vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing and service manufacturing. Working in the Yangtze river economy a certain foundation, high enthusiasm of local government areas, to explore the construction of intelligent manufacturing demonstration area, encourage the developed area of intelligent manufacturing firstly, focus on promoting the manufacture level of intelligent support hierarchical region. We will speed up the breakthroughs in a number of key technologies and core equipment in five areas: CNC machine tools and robots, additive manufacturing, intelligent sensing and control, intelligent detection and assembly, intelligent logistics and warehousing. In collaborative process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, network manufacturing, mass customization, remote operations services, etc., to carry out the pilot demonstration project construction, and revising a number of intelligent manufacturing standards. We will vigorously develop producer services, guide manufacturing enterprises to extend service chains, and promote innovation in business models and business models.

(9) develop and expand energy conservation and environmental protection industries. Vigorously develop the Yangtze river economic belt, energy conservation and environmental protection industry in chongqing, wuxi, chengdu, changsha, wuhan, hangzhou, yancheng, kunming and other places to promote energy conservation and environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry cluster, in jiangsu, Shanghai, chongqing and other places continuously improve energy conservation and environmental protection technology research and development ability and level of energy conservation and environmental protection services, locates in Shanghai, hefei, ma on shan and pengzhou to speed up the construction of the remanufacturing industry gathering area, focus on the development of aeroengine key-module, engineering machinery, heavy duty machine tools such as mechanical and electrical products remanufacturing industry. We will strengthen the synergy between energy conservation and environmental protection service companies and industrial enterprises, promote the adoption of third-party service models, and expand energy conservation and environmental protection industries.

④.promote the green transformation of traditional manufacturing industries

(10) vigorously promote clean production. In accordance with the "clean production promotion law", to guide and support along the Yangtze river industrial enterprises to carry out the cleaner production audit in accordance with the law, encourage the exploration key industry enterprises rapid review and industrial park, new patterns, such as concentrated area overall audit improve key industries and the park along the river clean production level. In along the Yangtze river nonferrous, phosphate fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, pesticides, printing and dyeing, paper making, leather making, and food fermentation and other key water industry, increase the intensity of cleaner production technologies to implement scheme, from the source to reduce water pollution. Implement cleaner production level of small and medium-sized enterprises plan, build "Internet +" clean production service platform, encouraging local governments to buy clean production training, consulting and other related services, explore training, duty free diagnosis service mode, such as guide for small and medium-sized enterprises preferred implementation, low expenses plan, encourage and support the implementation of technical renovation plan.

(11) implement the plan for energy efficiency improvement. Promote cities along the Yangtze river economic belt coal consumption big implementation of clean coal utilization plan of action, in coking, coal chemical industry, industrial boilers, industrial furnaces, etc as the key point, enhance the level of technical equipment, optimization of product structure, strengthen the industrial convergence, comprehensive enhance the level of regional coal clean efficient utilization and realize the reduction of coal, coal, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution. In the steel and aluminum processing industry agglomeration area, the promotion of the electric furnace steel and other short process processes and the aluminum liquid direct supply. We will actively promote the use of low-grade waste heat from industries such as steel, chemical, non-ferrous and building materials to supply heat to urban residents and promote the integration of production cities.

(12) strengthen comprehensive utilization of resources. Vigorously promote the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, key shelter-forest region phosphogypsum, smelting slag, fly ash, lees and so on comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, increase the area of chemical industrial park waste acid FeiYan decrement, safe disposal and comprehensive utilization, such as choosing a certain foundation in comprehensive utilization of solid waste production amount, area, construction of a batch of industrial base of comprehensive resource utilization. Local governments are encouraged to promote the joint disposal of garbage in cement kilns in cities along the Yangtze river. We will promote the efficient use of renewable resources and the development of industries, strictly control the use of renewable resources such as old metals, waste plastics and waste tires, and build an information platform for the reverse logistics system.

Developing a green manufacturing system. In the Yangtze river economic belt along the Yangtze river city, the choice of industrial proportion is high, the representative strong potential, promote city, combining with the leading industries, around the traditional manufacturing green transformation and construction of green manufacturing system, comprehensively enhance the level of city green manufacturing, create a batch of demonstration role in driving the green products, green plant, green park and green supply chain. Promote the Yangtze river economic belt key industry leader to take the lead to form a consortium, around key technology breakthrough platform construction green design, green building, green supply chain, to promote systematic green transformation, in machinery, electronics, food, textile, chemical industry, the electrical appliances in areas such as the implementation of a batch of green manufacturing demonstration projects, leading and driving the development of the Yangtze river economic belt industrial green.

⑤.strengthen industrial water saving and pollution prevention and control

(14) to effectively improve the efficiency of industrial water use. In the Yangtze river to implement water conservation priority policy, strengthen the water management, vigorously promoting water saving technical reconstruction and promotion of the state shall encourage industrial water-saving technology, technology and equipment, to speed up the elimination of high water consumption process, backward technology and equipment, to control the total quantity of the industrial water, improve the efficiency of industrial water. Leading the water - effective leader to guide and support industrial enterprises to carry out water efficiency to standard activities. We will strengthen the production process and process water management of enterprises with high water consumption, strictly implement the national standard for water intake and quota, and promote the evaluation and review of water efficiency in high water consumption industries. We will implement the most stringent water resources management system assessment, and strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of water consumption elimination directory.

Promote industrial water recycling. Foster support and development along the Yangtze river industrial water recycle service system, promote water industrial enterprises carrying out water balance test, encourage enterprises to adopt water-saving management contract, franchising, entrust the operating mode, improve the water-saving technology, strengthen the process of circulation and end recycling, improve the iron and steel, printing and dyeing, papermaking, petrochemical, chemical, leather high in water and food fermentation industry wastewater recycling utilization. Promote the development and utilization of unconventional water resources and support, Shanghai, jiangsu and zhejiang coastal industrial park in seawater desalination using, promote the iron and steel, non-ferrous, and other enterprises make full use of the water in the city, support conditional park, enterprises in rainwater collection and utilization.

(16) strengthening prevention and control of key pollutants. We will carry out an action plan for the prevention and control of water, air and soil pollution, and reduce the discharge of industrial water, air and soil pollutants from the source. According to the industry, the pollution discharge permit system shall be implemented according to the law. Key in cansu along the river and tai lake, chao lake, dongting lake and poyang lake surrounding "ten small" enterprises to ban, "top ten" rectification of key industries, industrial agglomeration area facilities for central treatment of sewage pipe network system of collecting and construction and installation of automatic online monitoring device, specifications involved along the phosphorus slag field of enterprises and construction of the tailings, promote industrial chemical oxygen demand (cod), ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus discharging standard in an all-round way. More coal-fired power plants of ultra-low emissions reformation, "messy" corporate governance, middle and small coal-fired boiler out clean coal efficient utilization, industrial field, such as volatile organic compounds to cut efforts, strict controls of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, YanFenChen, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants. Strengthen related industry pollution prevention and control of heavy metals, involving heavy metal out industry clean production technology, production technology and encourage enterprises to adopt advanced applicable technologies, to reduce heavy metal pollutants.

⑥.Introduction of safeguard measures

(17) strengthening organizational leadership. Yangtze river economic belt at all levels of industry and information technology, development and reform, science and technology, finance, environmental protection departments should fully recognize the significance of green industrial development, strengthen organization and leadership, to carry out the responsibility of local government, with enterprises as the main body, give full play to the industry association, industrial alliance of Bridges, effectively promote the development of green industry's work.

(18) strengthening standards and technical support. Play to the water consumption, energy consumption, environment, quality, safety, and green products, green plant, green parks, green supply chain and green evaluation and service standards such as leading role, encourage the most strict standard of green development around. We will increase the need for innovation in technical equipment and products, promote the industrialization of advanced and mature technologies, and support the green development of the Yangtze river economic belt industry.

(19) implementation of support policies. Make full use of existing capital channel, further to the Yangtze river economic belt industrial green development, water pollution control projects such as tilt, support qualified enterprises to implement cleaner production technical renovation, water pollution, improve energy utilization efficiency and comprehensive utilization of resources, etc. We will implement preferential policies for existing taxes, green credit, green purchasing and land, and accelerate the transformation of enterprises and improve their quality and efficiency. The Yangtze river economic belt are encouraged to establish between regions, between upstream and downstream ecological compensation mechanism, pushing on the middle and lower reaches of development and ecological protection areas for horizontal ecological compensation, explore new pattern area pollution treatment.

(20) strengthen personnel training and international exchanges and cooperation. The organization implements the green manufacturing talent training program, enlarges the training of specialized technical personnel and management personnel, and improves the talent training system from research and development, transformation and production to management. Rely on the industry of the Yangtze river economic belt and location advantages, strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, encourage the foreign investment, project contracting, technology cooperation, equipment export, promote green manufacturing and green service first to "go out".

(21) step up publicity efforts. Increase the intensity of the spread of green concept, give full play to the media, education and training institutions, industry associations, industry alliance, the role of the green public welfare organization, multi-level, many forms of publicity and education activities, actively spread the green concept, create a good social atmosphere for the Yangtze river economic belt industrial green development.

Key projects for relocation and renovation of hazardous chemicals (jiangsu part)

1. Nanjing 7425 rubber and plastic co., LTD

According to nanjing city industrial layout adjustment requirements, at the same time to further improve the technological level of advanced rail transportation equipment enterprises, the implementation of relocation new projects.

Construction content: 1) production workshop and production management facilities, including rubber workshop, hose workshop, assembly workshop, mould workshop and r&d command center; (2) intelligent production line using siasun domestic assembly, transportation and other industrial robot about 10 sets), including rubber mixing line, hydraulic brake hose line, large diameter long hard core hose production line production line automatic production lines, hose, soft core method.

Production scale: 1) rubber tube products 8 million Bm; 2) 41 million products of assembly products; 3) 2m pieces of moulded products (railway oil seals).

Relocation to: nanjing liuhe economic development zone

2. Jiangsu kuda agrochemical co., LTD

Main content: to build 50,000 tons/year of photogas and photogasification products relocation technology renovation project.

Size: green Cameron RON 1500 tons, 1500 tons and fluorine grass isopropyl RON 2000 tons, 2000 tons of linuron, against the long grass, 3000 tons of benzene thiamethoxam acyl amine grass amine 200 tons, 2500 tons and fluorine thiamethoxam grass, pyrazole its cycling 200 tons, 200 tons of smoke its short cycling, benzyl its cycling 500 tons, 30000 tons, 600 tons of different bacteria urea 18 chloride.

Relocation to: nantong city rudong county

3. Jiangsu kuda agro-chemical co., LTD. 5550 tons/year pesticide and intermediate relocation project

Construction contents: 5550 tons/year pesticides and intermediates.

Construction scale: 400 tons/year 2 - amino - 4, 6 - dimethoxy pyrimidine, 350 tons/year adjacent methyl formate benzene sulfonamide, 3, 5-1000 tons/year 2 chloro aniline with 800 tons/year 3, 5 - dichloro nitrobenzene, 800 tons/year 3 - chloro - 4 - methyl aniline 500 tons/year, grass amine was technical and 250 tons/year, 1000 tons/year methyl naphthalene wei technical, 200 tons/year pyrazole fluorine grass amine, 1000 tons/year, butyl thiamethoxam long grass, 300 tons/year its mildew.

Relocation to: nantong city rudong county

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