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The peak BBS and 2017 annual academic year will be held in guangdong, Hong Kong and macau


By vacuum society of guangdong province and guangdong province vacuum industry technology innovation alliance host, letter LiGuoJi co., LTD to undertake a large bay area of guangdong vacuum technology and wide bandgap semiconductor application peak BBS and vacuum society of guangdong province in 2017 academic conference is scheduled for December 28 and 30, 2017 in huizhou, guangdong province, believe that god will display co., LTD. Conference topics include vacuum equipment new technology and new technology, plasma physics and technology, vacuum and measurement, surface and coating technology, membrane technology, nano science and technology, display technology, electronic materials and devices, new energy materials and devices, and other fields. This conference is one of the activities of "lingnan science BBS" in guangdong province, with special invitation report, invitation report, membership report and other academic exchange forms. The conference will be awarded the "guangdong vacuum science and technology lifetime achievement award" and "the 3rd zhenhua cup young outstanding thesis award". 

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