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Wanhua million tons of ethylene project contains 400,000 tons of PVC


To build the world's most competitive advantage of chemical manufacturing base, increase the international awareness of Chinese brands, wanhua group, with the advantages in the chemical industrial park, plans to invest 11.7 billion yuan to build ethylene project, annual production capacity of 1 million tons, will be the largest production base of ethylene in shandong province, at the same time can also ranks among the top.

At present, the project has been included in the development plan of the national petrochemical industry and is being submitted to the national development and reform commission for approval. The project will help to improve the pattern of yantai and the chemical industry in shandong province and provide the basic guarantee for economic development in shandong province.

Wanhua chemical polyurethane industrial chain - ethylene project has been evaluated on the website of yantai environmental protection bureau in December 2016 and July 2017.

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