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On the first day of trump's visit, honeywell and donghua signed the first order for chemical cooperation


On the afternoon of November 8, US President Donald trump arrived in Beijing for a state visit to China. This is the first state visit to China since the end of the 19th year. While the details of the agenda have yet to be announced, the corporate luxury delegation behind Mr Trump has revealed the "big picture" of the trip. In the signing agreement announced today, a news source caught the attention of chemical industry insiders, and honeywell and donghua energy reached the agreement on the project of ethane dehydrogenation device. The content of the agreement is honeywell UOP and donghua energy (002221) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "donghua energy") signed the memorandum of cooperation, donghua energy is planning the implementation of the five project will use honeywell UOP C3 Oleflex propane dehydrogenation process technology. After all the new projects have been put into operation, the production capacity of propylene will be increased to 3 million tons per year, and the project will be located in the coastal cities of ningbo and lianyungang. The signing of the cooperation agreement will help to achieve win-win cooperation between the two sides, and will also help dongchina energy to become the world's largest producer of the use of dehydrogenation technology to convert propane into propylene.

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