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The project of polyether polyol is settled in ningbo


On October 27, the capital chemical (kunshan) co., ltd. and ningbo petrochemical economic and technological development zone signed the investment contract of capital chemical polyether polyol project. Capital chemical co., LTD. Was established in 1972, with an annual production of 540,000 tons of epoxy resin and 120,000 tons of polyether polyols, with annual turnover of more than us $1 billion in 2016.

Capital chemical co., except in South Korea has four production bases, kunshan city, jiangsu province in China also has a countries chemical (kunshan) co., LTD., mainly in the production of epoxy resin and polyether polyols products. Countries chemical co., LTD in ningbo petrochemical economic development zone investment in building an annual output of 80000 tons of 80000 tons of polyether polyol and polymer polyol (POP) project, the project plan with a total investment of $90 million, the products are widely used in elastomer, coating, automotive and other fields

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