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The cooperation alliance of zhongde chemical industrial park has officially launched the "quality" of Germany


On November 11, the sino-german chemical industrial park co., BBS and the sino-german chemical industrial park alliance and hermann Simon business school started the opening ceremony in shouguang. Ceremony, well-known German management thinkers, the father of the hidden champions, Simon gu and honorary President of management consultancy, Herman professor Simon and shouguang vice secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor Zhao Xuchun as hermann Simon school of business, and with the international Eurasian academy of sciences, Qingdao nai-sheng li, director of the national Marine science research center, shandong province economic and information commission inspectors chao-ying wang, secretary general of the China federation of petrochemical chemical park working committee osseo-asare k. synthesis, weifang letter committee office director, secretary of the party committee Li Baodong jointly launched the CCB china-germany chemical industrial park alliance.

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