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Changyi will build a high-end petrochemical base, planning 10 million tons/year of refining +1 million tons/year ethylene + 1.5


Nearbu petrochemical wins the country the second batch of two fusion system, jitc pilot units, with a total investment of 2.06 billion yuan of 2.06 billion tons of continuous reforming and 1.8 million tons of diesel oil hydrogenation modification project implementation and put into production operation, can be producers Ⅴ standard of refined gasoline and diesel, alkylation and isomerization projects have been included in the provincial key technological transformation project oriented. Changyi city closely around the 19th big report put forward the construction of modern economic system target, insist on "four city" construction, seize the shandong province the "development of high-end petrochemical base state" into "10 + 2" the opportunity of major projects, such as relying on nearbu petrochemical company key enterprises to actively undertake large chemical projects, adhere to high position, improve construction standards, and promote green low carbon, creating billions of high-end petrochemical base, to promote industry and city construction.

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