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The vacuum pump can be used to pump out the exhaust pressure, and can use the vacuum system to clean the sewer network. As part of the vacuum hydro-pumping system, the liquid ring pump can be used to 
Wastewater treatment
The vacuum pump can be used to pump out the exhaust pressure, and can use the vacuum system to clean the sewer network. As part of the vacuum hydro-pumping system, the liquid ring pump can be used to collect, transfer and process wastewater from all areas reliably. Because of the high vacuum performance, the delivery of wastewater is easy to carry out, even on the upside.
Waste generation gas recovery (bio gases)
Such USES include gases produced by waste decomposition, usually in the garbage. Plant waste is also broken down, and the resulting gas can be recycled. It's a very basic way. To put it simply, it is to drill holes at all points in the trash and place the perforated pipe into the hole. Using a vacuum pump or, if pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure, compressors can be used to compress the gas and deliver the gas to the gas engine to drive the generator. The gas can also be used directly to generate electricity or be used as a boiler or furnace fuel. It can also clean the gas, remove the dirty gas, sell it to industrial systems and so on.
Methane gas compression
The liquid ring pump takes the methane from the top of the tank and recirculates it to improve the mixing and reaction speed. Through compression heat pump working liquid cooling biogas, provide an almost isothermal work mode, extended the downstream of the valve, the service life of burner and motor, and reduce the maintenance cost. The working fluid is also used as a fireproof device, reducing the explosion-proof cost. The contaminated gas is filtered through the water ring and partially dried. In this way, the gas is oxidized and returned to the wastewater treatment program.
Biogas production
The amount of microorganism produced by activated sludge tank and sediment tank remains stable in the sewage treatment tower to generate biogas. A thorough mixing of sludge can increase gas production and shorten the time in the reactor. In the process, biogas is pumped from the top of the sewage treatment tower, compressed in the L series compressor, and reintroduced through the mouth at the bottom.
Biogas recycling (biogas)
Civil or industrial waste is decomposed in mud or storage tanks. The compressor is used to press the gas into the jet, and then into the tank to provide the heat and stir the mud to keep it expanding, prompting the microbes to eat the decomposition or mud. The compressor is also used to recycle gas and press it into the gas engine to power the generator, generate electricity, or use it as a boiler or furnace fuel.
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