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Lithium ion batteries due to the high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, no memory effect, no environmental pollution, etc, and can be put large current charge in portable electric
Vacuum pump is used in lithium battery injection industry
Lithium ion batteries due to the high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, no memory effect, no environmental pollution, etc, and can be put large current charge in portable electric vehicles, electronic products, electric toys, large power supply and energy storage, and other fields has been developed by leaps and bounds.
The injection and forming process plays an important role in the process of lithium battery production, which determines the forming condition and cycle life of the battery. In existing lithium electricity enterprise, the cell division of injection liquid and into almost all sequence, due to the electrolyte easily react with water and moisture control has become a top priority, so the lithium electricity factory workshop is quite harsh environmental requirements, the battery cell press into mode can be divided into vacuum or air bag type two kinds, the environmental requirements of injection liquid and into working procedure is as follows, the vacuum type: the PP tube filler, generally choose 20 plus or minus 5 degrees in temperature, dew point < 30 degrees - drying room, inserted into the need, PP pipe, inevitably makes the battery internal contact with the outside world, so to become the temperature and humidity of the workshop also to have certain requirements, namely the ambient temperature of 15 degrees 35 degrees, humidity is < 40%, the airbag: using exposure to liquid injection, the injection fluid environment more strict, require dry room temperature 20 plus or minus five degrees, dew point < - 40 degrees, in the above method, no matter how to control the process of operation, also can't avoid moisture influence on batteries, and tedious process step, not only increase the manufacturing cost of batteries, and affect the quality of the battery. Therefore, vacuum process is a very important part of the lithium battery production line.
Currently in fluid filled, ovens, into process are related to its extensive use of dry type vacuum system process function, but due to the technological characteristics and the characteristics of the medium, can provide more mature vacuum products currently only a few international famous brands, especially with Edwards and lai treasure most widely used, recognised by most users. The characteristics of their vacuum pump are: excellent product performance, fully intelligent control of lithium battery technology. The product has reliable structure, simple maintenance and strong modularity ability, which can simplify the design, production and maintenance cost of users. At present, the Edwards and lebao new generation of products have also been developed and marketed successfully, while maintaining the original performance, further reducing the user's purchasing cost.
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