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In the vacuum, the fly ash is transmitted from the dust collector to the central dry collection point. The main advantage of this transmission system is that, since the dust is passed in a vacuum, any
Fly ash conveying
In the vacuum, the fly ash is transmitted from the dust collector to the central dry collection point. The main advantage of this transmission system is that, since the dust is passed in a vacuum, any leakage is accompanied by air and the dust does not go to the outside. The liquid ring pump has the ability to withstand flying dust into the pump, which is the best choice of conveying equipment.
The condenser vacuum
Vacuum pump unit can be used for vacuum and vacuum to maintain two processes.
Vacuum phase - the initial vacuum when the steam is not introduced in the condenser to extract air and other non-condensing gases in the condenser; Vacuum to maintain stage, in the running of the condenser, vacuum pump to continue to work with pumped dry air leak. Maintain condensing through pressure on the best working point, ensure the efficiency of the steam turbine operation, improve the thermal efficiency of power plants.
Exhaust gas
Similar to the condenser exhaust, the exhaust gas includes the discharge of air and other non-condensing gases from the steam space of the condenser. But in geothermal power plants, the steam used to drive turbines comes from the earth, which contains a lot of corrosive gases. These gases must be discharged in the most efficient manner possible.
Turbine sealed tube exhaust
The steam turbine USES a sealed tube to seal the shaft to avoid leakage in the air. The seals are sealed with steam. In order to achieve its design performance, the superfluous steam and condensate must be continuously removed, which requires the work of the vacuum system.
Flue gas desulfurization
When the flue gas is desulfurized, gypsum slurry will be produced and the vacuum belt filter will be used to dehydrate and form gypsum products. Filter to produce some of the impurities, water vapor, and a small amount of water into the vacuum pump, liquid ring pump using water as working medium, and has a large gap between parts, can effectively under the condition of can run well.
Vacuum exhaust
Before the boiler water enters the system, exhaust treatment must be carried out, usually with the degassing machine. A vacuum device is placed on the degassing machine, which is equipped with a vacuum device to remove all dissolved gases before entering the system.
Vacuum suction
In this respect, the vacuum pump is used to maintain a siphon in the cooling water system of the generator, so that the cooling water circulating pump can be kept in the design flow and the lowest power consumption
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