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Petroleum chemical industry

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During the production of PVC (PVC), the residual vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) was pumped out by the nash_ liquid ring vacuum pump and sent into the storage tank. It is compressed by the nash_ liquid r
PVC production
During the production of PVC (PVC), the residual vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) was pumped out by the nash_ liquid ring vacuum pump and sent into the storage tank. It is compressed by the nash_ liquid ring
Polyester production
In polyester production, the vacuum in the reaction tower can be obtained by a composite vacuum system composed of vacuum pumps. Unlike other applications, here can be directly in liquid ring pump using ethylene glycol (EG) as working fluid of vacuum pump, or directly use dry vacuum system, in order to facilitate the operation of the vacuum system.
Chlorine packaging
In the chlorine gas packaging process of chlorine-alkali plant, the high outlet pressure of the nash_ liquid ring compressor can greatly reduce the cost and avoid environmental pollution.
Gas recovery
In the oil and gas industries, where gases are discharged into the atmosphere, whether upstream or downstream, gas recycling is the process of recycling the gas from storage tanks. Gas recovery can be achieved by removing the vacuum and the gas from the tank. By adopting the liquid ring pump, it can be recycled and liquefied, and then used to recycle gas, including separation of non-condensable gases through separator and recycling of gas after compression.
Gas recovery
Gas recovery can be described as refining or gas recovery. Because of its composition, the gas is usually considered to be exhaust. Because of the high levels of HC gas, these gases are usually burned.
A lot of times, there are some high quality gas that can be burned, and these gases have some residual BTU values. This gas, once separated by a vacuum system, can be recycled and pressed from a low pressure compressor to a large pipe compressor. The compressors of these reciprocating compressors are compressed and recycled, compressed into power generation equipment for processing and can be used to generate electricity.
The concept of "turning waste into a treasure" is applied here, because it is economical to recycle most of the gas that is to be burned, and to use it as a source of energy and revenue. Reducing the unnecessary burning of the gas to the minimum would not only help the environment, but also solve income and opportunity problems.
Exhaust gas recycling
In the torch gas/tail gas recovery device, the nash_ liquid ring compressor is an ideal choice. One of the main reasons is that gas compression is basically isothermal, with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius to around 50 degrees Celsius. In this way, you can avoid the exhaust gas that may be encountered when using other types of compressor.
Crude vacuum distillation
Through atmospheric distillation or vacuum distillation, the fuel can be processed into gasoline and other hydrocarbon fuel.
This usage includes vacuum equipment for the crude distillation tower. The combination of heat and vacuum will separate the crude oil into different components depending on the boiling point. The aim is to extract lighter components, such as gasoline. Vacuum distillation has higher efficiency than atmospheric distillation.
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