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Claw pump + roots pump unit

product description

We customize a personalized vacuum system and central system for our customers. We have a professional team of engineers to design and assemble the system according to the customer's requirements.

One-stop service - consulting, planning, design, assembly, control systems, installation and final on-site commissioning.

In many industrial areas, we provide customers with high quality vacuum system design, assembly, installation and service. Through cooperation with customers and regular information communication, our chemical, process and project engineers continuously accumulate and perfect professional knowledge and experience. Therefore, our vacuum system accomplishs your best process: safety, economy, environmental protection.

Design and assembly of vacuum systems include:

-- understand customer application and requirements

-- calculation of vacuum system

-- propose solutions and select appropriate components

- pipeline calculation and design

-- control system design

-- preparation of system drawings

-- system installation and installation

- system testing, leak detection and debugging

-- submit technical documents

- system overall control, inspection and acceptance


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