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Oil-free claw pump

product description

Oil-free claw type vacuum pump is a unique design of variable volume type vacuum pump, through the rotor synchronous running in the opposite direction to volume change suction and exhaust, so as to realize a vacuum the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection technology products. It can meet the requirements of chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Instead of wet vacuum, high efficiency, low cost, stable and reliable operation, perfect solution to all kinds of process pollution and sewage problems. Compared with other products, there are obvious advantages:

1. High vacuum: single pump limit maximum 0.03 mbar, combined system is higher;

2. High adaptability: it can process gases containing small amounts of droplets, small amounts of dust and corrosive gases;

3. High recovery: can effectively recycle organic solvents to achieve maximum economic value and reduce emissions;

4. Low energy consumption: compared with other type vacuum pumps, energy saving can be 20%~60%;

5. Low loss: no contact or friction in internal design;

6. Low maintenance: 1 year unattended maintenance operation, 3 years maintenance cycle;

7. Low cost: modular design and interchangeable parts;

8. No leakage: with a professional compound integration seal, zero leakage can be realized.

9. Zero emission: no industrial waste water, greatly reducing environmental cost;

10. Easy installation: compact structure, small volume and convenient installation.




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