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Oil-free screw vacuum pump

product description

Dry screw pump is my company on the basis of absorbing many domestic and foreign advanced technology, independent research and development of the latest generation of environment-friendly vacuum pump with high cost performance, adopts the unique technology, to create new value, provides the omni-directional vacuum system solutions, representing the future development direction of dry vacuum pump.


Medical devices, biological products and drug preparation, food, pharmaceutical packaging, oil and gas recovery, membrane preparation, big science engineering and chemical analysis, semiconductor, microelectronics, such as solar energy, material handling equipment.

Performance characteristics:

1. Environmental protection, without oil and water free without pollution, can obtain a clean vacuum and be recycled.

2. Chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, use of super-resistant coating materials.

3. Saving manpower and maintaining cycles for thousands of hours to tens of thousands of hours.

4. Energy saving, adopting variable pitch screw energy saving design and processing technology, can reduce energy consumption by 30%.

5. The ultimate vacuum degree can reach 1Pa, the work vacuum area is wide, and can run continuously from the limit vacuum to atmospheric pressure.



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